Tropicana Park bungalow apartments
Rental pricing throughout the year

Some bungalows are available any week of the year, some others only during the main holiday periods. We rent on a weekly basis, but exceptions can be made depending on availability of course.
Unlike many other holiday places, we try to be flexible with arrival and departure days, as this usually helps our guests in finding the best flight deals. Only during the summer months we are more strict, and prefer to keep changeover days preferably on a Saturday, or in some cases on a Friday or Monday.

Please contact us for an up to date availability during certain periods. (Click here for contact details).

Prices for 2016:



Price per week

Low October till April (*) €285 to €385
 Mid May, June and September
+ Christmas, Easter and May holidays
€330 to €490
 High  July and August (**) €550 to €650

(*) Except Christmas and Easter holidays
(**) During summer months we give preference to renting per week with changeover days preferably on a Saturday, or possibly Friday or Monday.

  • The prices given are the prices per week and per bungalow-apartment
  • Maximum 4 persons admitted in the one-floor bungalows, i.e. one family per bungalow: e.g. sleeps for 2 adults and 2 children
  • The prices are inclusive normal electricity consumption, water, sheets, towels and end cleaning.
  • In some houses where air conditioning is available a limit can be set on the maximum electricity included in the price.
  • Use of a private WiFi internet connection is optional (not available in all houses): charge of 10€ per week.

There is a discount possible for longer periods (from 3 weeks)

Special prices apply for guests staying over for long term rental periods during the winter (minimum 1 month). Prices in winter are from 650€ per month onwards. These special winter prices are only valid during the period of November till March. Contact us for more details.

For payments with Paypal there is an administration fee of 3.5%
For payments by credit card on arrival there is an administration fee of 1.5%

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